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A “journey” to the unknown. Without knowing what you’ll come across. New people, different customs and traditions. The unknown fascinates and inspires me to capture emotions from their smiles, from tears of joy, from the embrace of love, from a sweet kiss of eternal commitment.  They all make me want to be part of the unparalleled beauty of marriage and union of a couple.

The celebration of love, the decision to become one, the gathering of everybody close to you, to embrace the feel of that day, all these elements will create a timeless film of love and affection. Specializing in documenting weddings and events worldwide for exceptional clientele who live every moment with passion and desire.
As a storyteller, I capture the magic and beauty discreetly and respectfully with an elegant and cinematic approach. Keeping the sparkle of enthusiasm for each and every wedding allows me to seamlessly compose each couples’ fondest memories in a joyful and passionate manner. Exploring every single emotion, every delicate moment inspires me to film spontaneous and candid moments that will make every love story timeless!

Dean Lalos



“Dean is an amazing professional! He made us feel very comfortable while he was capturing the most memorable moments of our wedding day. We really loved his work and we will cherish every moment! His dedication to his art resulted in a wedding film that will speak to our hearts forever!”

Very Professional and amazing person!
G & O

"We absolutely loved working with Dean! He is a genuine storyteller! He beautifully depicted our every moment and tried to explore us in every instance. Super friendly, educated and a great guy to have a conversation with. We recommend him to the fullest!"

Joy to work with, paying attention to detail!
N & N

“Dean is a true artist! His film is just stunning, capturing the genuine feel of our wedding! He is fun to be around and his humor made us feel relaxed and comfortable. His talent comes from his heart and his work is breathtaking! We can't thank him enough for this beautiful gift!

His film naturally captured the beauty of our special day!
P & S

“What a wonderful filmmaker and amazing storyteller! His work is spectacular! Wonderful film full of emotions! He surpassed our expectations and the result was outstanding! We are totally thrilled! Highly recommended!”

Unique eye, capturing the beauty, the joy and the energy of the moment!
A & E

"Dean is a passionate storyteller! Great character, very friendly and very discreet! He revealed our emotional and romantic side and created a timeless piece of art! Very pleasant to be around, operating seamlessly and providing us with a true sense of security! We are glad we had the chance to meet him on this very important day of our lives!"

Smart choice picking Dean as our wedding filmmaker!
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